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Home Based Services

Home Based Support Services is a Medicaid Waiver program that provides federal and state funds, on a monthly basis, to individuals with intellectual disabilities for the purpose of purchasing needed supports and services.

We encourage families to learn about eligibility and the application process by contacting the Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) agency assigned to your geographic area. Because this waiver is not an entitlement, an Individual Service Coordinator (ISC) will be assigned to your case to provide aid in obtaining Home Based Services.

What happens when Home Based Services funding is awarded?

If awarded Home Based Services, your primary responsibility is to select a service facilitation agency. After a service facilitator is appointed, they will be responsible for creating Individualized Service Plans which identify needed supports, establish functional goals to enhance independent living, act as liaison between families  and related service providers, allocate funds, perform bi-monthly home and Developmental Training visits, maintain case files and corresponding documentation, as well as ensure the quality of care being rendered.

Home Based Services Philosophy
Through our creativity and compassion we not only fulfill these responsibilities, we exceed families’ expectations. As we have a true understanding that this is an overwhelming process, Park Lawn’s service facilitators continually provide our families with guidance and support. Park Lawn is unique in the way that  we implement a collaborative team approach. It is our personal mission to build and maintain long lasting relationships with each family.

Services and Supports that can be obtained:

Home Based Supports

•     Service Facilitation

•     Personal Support Work

•     Adaptive equipment

•     Assistive technology

•     Minor home and vehicle accessibility modification

Therapies and Intervention

•     Physical Therapy

•    Occupational Therapy

•     Speech Therapy

•    Behavior Intervention and Treatment

•     Individual Counseling

•     Group Counseling

•     Individual Therapy

•     Group Therapy

Day Programs

•    Developmental Training

•    Supported Employment