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CHOICE is a community based program that promotes responsibility, independence and self-advocacy. This is achieved through offering an innovative curriculum that addresses both self and community awareness. The goal of the program is to create opportunities that increase knowledge and exploration in the community for our participants.

This includes employment opportunities, skills development, leisure pursuits and community volunteerism. The CHOICE Program focuses on person centered job development and includes customized employment strategies to assist in identifying a desired career path.

Who Do We Serve?
Our program serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. All participants that are involved in CHOICE agree to be open to the following:
1.   Desire to be employed
2.   Desire to access the community
3.   Desire to connect with the community through volunteerism
4.   Open to trying new experiences
5.   The ability to be flexible in relation to daily activities
6.   The energy to move across many environments
7.   Presents self in a professional manner as community liaisons of Park Lawn

What is it?
Discovering CHOICE is one of the day programs offered by Park Lawn and is the first to shift focus from a large facility based program to a smaller setting. CHOICE has an independent vibrant location, helping to facilitate a community connection for all participants. This allows participants to be active members of the community for the majority of their day.

What you would expect to see in the Choice program?
CHOICE is a fast paced program that focuses on person centered planning. We strive to do this by creating as many diverse opportunities through blending a forward thinking curriculum with community activities. CHOICE has a dedication to discovering each participant’s true desires in regards to employment and social experiences for a well rounded life. Each participant is taking on a greater role and responsibility with building their own schedule. Discovering CHOICE truly encompasses the commitment we have for our participants and their future.