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  1. Who is eligible to receive services at Park Lawn?

    Adults who are 18 years of age or older with a diagnosis of developmental disability whose primary condition is mental retardation.

    The Community Employment Services program however, assists individuals with any type of disability to find employment.

  2. How do clients get paid for the work they do and how often do they get a check?

    Clients are paid in the same manner as staff. They receive a paycheck twice per month.

  3. Do clients receive benefits?

    Yes. Clients receive vacation, sick, and holiday pay based upon their years of service.

  4. What do the clients do at their place of employment?

    The Adult Developmental Training program serves individuals with severe disabilities. Goals include achieving self-sufficiency by mastering practical life skills and furthering proficiency in vocational tasks.

    Workshop clients perform a variety of tasks such as packaging, polybaging, point of purchase display assembly, collating and sorting for a variety of local and national vendors.

    The Supported Employment Program matches individuals to jobs within their local community. The clients hold a variety of positions including clerical, food service, janitorial and cleaning, assembly and mail processing work.

  5. What type of residential facilities do you have?

    Park Lawn provides a wide array of residential services ranging from Park Lawn Center which provides twenty four hour care for medically fragile adults to Community Integrated Living Arrangements which are homes located in the community which provides clients with independent living.

  6. How do I register for placement in a program?

    You can contact our Social Worker, Sharon Butterfield. She will mail you applications and the necessary information to get you started. Sharon may be reached at 708-425-7377 ext. 232

  7. Park Lawn frequently has job openings. Click on the above link for available positions.